The Hudson & Allen Studio line of 25 mm scale model buildings are supplied unpainted and are molded in rigid polyurethane foam.  This is a lightweight material that is rugged enough to hold up to some serious wargaming action.  However, some small air pockets, flash, or surface irregularities are to be expected with this type of molding process.  Any small surface pockets, moldings defects, or battle damage can be filled with a sandable hobby filler putty.  Elmers wood putty is a good filler material to use.  The models are easily modified by the hobbyist, as  polyurethane foam sands, cuts, and shapes quite readily with standard home and hobby tools.  As with any workshop project, Vatican Enterprises recommends the use of personal protective gear such as safety glasses and a dust mask when making modifications to the models.

The mold release does not have to be removed prior to painting if acetone based primers are used.  If a lacquer based primer is desired, the parts must first be washed to remove any molding release residue.  After priming, water based acrylic paints are recommended for finish painting of the models.

Vatican Enterprises does not recommend these products for play with children under eight years of age.  Pieces of the models could be broken or bitten off and pose a choking risk.  These models are not intended to be childrens' toys.  They are intended for the hard-core collector and wargamer who truly wants wargaming scenics worth fighting for.

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