We are pleased to annouce the release of the first scenic model
sculpted and manufactured by Vatican Enterprises

Megalithic Wedge Barrow

This model was designed for use with 25 /28 mm figures in both tabletop wargames and role playing games. The roof of the model is removable to reveal an inner chamber. Use it as a battlefield object, a stand alone adventure, or perhaps as an entrance to a dungeon.

Painted Barrow Model

Painted sample and figure shown for referance only. The actual model is supplied unpainted and may require some basic modeling skills to remove flash, prepare for painting, and to fit the roof

This scenic model can also be flocked to match your game table.

Open Painted Barrow Model

This model is based on published archeological research of a megalithic wedge shaped tomb in Ireland dating to circa 2000 BC.

Made with a molded polyurethane foam base and a lightweight resin cast removable roof. It is approximately 12" in diameter and 4" high.

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